Shina is a Punk Rocker

!!!MY 100TH POST!!! I couldn’t have picked a better song!


Kurt Weisman - Syd’s Snooze Room

From the 2006 Mad Monk 7” EP - More Is More

Cat# MM001


Lightning Bolt - Assassins (Slowed Down from 45rpm to 33.3rpm)

From the 2003 Load Album - Wonderful Rainbow

Cat# LOAD 041

Sarah is a personal friend of mine, and she is an amazing writer. I think that this post sums up everything perfectly. Journalists are just looking for a story that isn’t there. I am a total music nerd, and I too am also totally ignorant when it comes to Alex’s records, cause he is a super duper music nerd!


Hey everyone! Alex and I happen to be going on vacation tomorrow- to Scotland! So I have to take a break from blogging for 10 days because you can’t listen to records on a plane.

This vacation also comes at an interesting time. Very quickly, this blog has gone from something I shared with my…

I’m Crying (Gold Panda VS the Beatles) 

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Savant - Starfish (Slowed Down from 45rpm to 33.3rpm)

From the 2012 SectionZ Album - ISM

Cat# SZLP0006


Flying Lotus - Kill Your Co-Workers (Slowed Down from 45rpm to 33.3rpm)

From the 2010 Warp Vinyl 12” - Pattern+Grid World

Cat# WAP308


Aphex Twin - On (Slowed Down from 45rpm to 33.3rpm)

From the 1993 Warp EP - On

Cat#  WAP 39


Squarepusher- The Modern Bass Guitar (Slowed Down from 45rpm to 33.3rpm)

From the 2006 Warp Album - Hello Everything 

Cat# WARP LP 148


Kid America and Action Figures - C’mon Record Player

From the 2002 Plug album “Bandy”

Cat# N/A



Alex and I have lived together for 9 years. In those 9 years we have packed up, moved and unpacked his record collection 5 times. It’s about 15 boxes, about 1500 hundred records “that includes the singles and stuff, which you’re also going to have to review.” Is what Alex just said to me from…

My Best Friend Sarah is reviewing all of her husband’s (my other best friend) 1,500 record collection! It will be full of obscure gems and records of intrigue. Alex has an amazing collection, and he knows his musical history extremely well. I herby proclaim “All the records” my sister blog, and highly recommend all of ya’ll to follow this ambitious project. It will be of the upmost fun!