Shina is a Punk Rocker

!!!MY 100TH POST!!! I couldn’t have picked a better song!


Kurt Weisman - Syd’s Snooze Room

From the 2006 Mad Monk 7” EP - More Is More

Cat# MM001


Lightning Bolt - Assassins (Slowed Down from 45rpm to 33.3rpm)

From the 2003 Load Album - Wonderful Rainbow

Cat# LOAD 041

Sarah is a personal friend of mine, and she is an amazing writer. I think that this post sums up everything perfectly. Journalists are just looking for a story that isn’t there. I am a total music nerd, and I too am also totally ignorant when it comes to Alex’s records, cause he is a super duper music nerd!


Hey everyone! Alex and I happen to be going on vacation tomorrow- to Scotland! So I have to take a break from blogging for 10 days because you can’t listen to records on a plane.

This vacation also comes at an interesting time. Very quickly, this blog has gone from something I shared with my…

I’m Crying (Gold Panda VS the Beatles) 

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Savant - Starfish (Slowed Down from 45rpm to 33.3rpm)

From the 2012 SectionZ Album - ISM

Cat# SZLP0006


Flying Lotus - Kill Your Co-Workers (Slowed Down from 45rpm to 33.3rpm)

From the 2010 Warp Vinyl 12” - Pattern+Grid World

Cat# WAP308


Aphex Twin - On (Slowed Down from 45rpm to 33.3rpm)

From the 1993 Warp EP - On

Cat#  WAP 39


Squarepusher- The Modern Bass Guitar (Slowed Down from 45rpm to 33.3rpm)

From the 2006 Warp Album - Hello Everything 

Cat# WARP LP 148


Kid America and Action Figures - C’mon Record Player

From the 2002 Plug album “Bandy”

Cat# N/A